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May Day

Once known for being kid-phobic, The Stewart House,  the grey lady that occupies the entire block from 9th to 10th Street, between Broadway and Fourth Avenue in the Village, now sports a new stroller generation.  So it seemed only fitting that its backyard was turned into a fair ground for the annual Grace Chuch Festival this past weekend on a picture perfect day made  for playing. Kids of any age could get their hair colored green or orange or purple — with parental approval.  Or play miniature golf as their real golfer parents watched, careful not to let slip the name of a certain pro . 

You could slide down a giant inflatable chute or frolic round the beribboned May pole to strains of rock.  The more aggressive among the crowd could throw bean bags at  life-sized adult authority figures or try their hand at bursting balloons.

And to satisfy the appetite generated by all this activity, there were grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and homemade cupcakes and brownies, sufficiently decadent to be normally banned. Just the sort of forbidden pleasures to top off the day.

Now that May is here,  so is Street Fair Season– for better or worse.

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