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Has the economy put the grinch in your building’s holiday rituals?

OK, admit it.  What you really want to know is if you’re being generous or niggardly in Christmas tipping in comparison with your fellow tribesmen, and whether the guy down the hall is throwing his money around and throwing the curve off for everyone else — like the kid who got an A + in physics – and getting special treatment for his munificence.

Every year around this time we see surveys galore about how much to tip, but when have you ever known anyone to be candid about money, which is why I’m suspicious of their numbers It’s a verboten topic at most buildings, almost as impenetrable as the Coke formula. So here’s your chance to confess anonymously how much you plan to give, without risking the envy or scorn of your neighbors – or retribution from staff.  And if enough of us start talking, maybe we’ll really begin to crack the secret code.

In my building, it’s not Christmas without a tree (boy do I know, having been taken to task one year for my minimalist decorating vision.), and a multi-cultural party featuring bagels and lox and eggnog. But when the market crashed a few scrooges wanted to cancel it, just when we most needed some good cheer.  How are traditions faring in your building with money on everyone’s mind?

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