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Resolve Disputes

Problem Solution
Want to give peace a chance and try to resolve disputes with fellow owners or the board at relatively low cost? The NYC Bar Association offers co-op and condo mediation services.
Are you a renter who wants to try to mediate disagreements with your landlord? A list of free Community Mediation  Centers can be found at NYC Rent Guidelines Board.
Have things gone beyond mediation to litigation: Is the board suing you for nonpayment or holding over? Or do you want to sue to force repairs or cure housing violations? Housing Court has a special part for condos and condominiums, though its jurisdiction over condos is limited because no landlord-tenant relationship exists between unit owners and the board.
Are there broader issues in dispute – board use or misuse of power, election irregularities, a disagreement over a contract? NYS Supreme Court is likely where the battle will be fought, and it could cost real time and money.
Are you seeking reimbursement from the board for repairs you say it was responsible for? Small Claims Court handles claims for monetary damages up to $5,000, and you don’t need a lawyer.
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