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Know Your Special Rights

Problem Solution
Want to know your rights if your building is being converted or how to handle a problem with your co-op or condo board? The Real Estate Finance Bureau of the Office of the Attorney General reviews all offering plans and provides useful information on what you need to know, even allows you to download complaint forms. But generally its enforcement powers are limited to actions against the sponsor.
As a renter, are you being charged too much, are all required services being provided, what can you do if you’re being harassed? NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) provides answers to these questions, and more.
Want to know your rights as a renter if your building is being converted, or if you can sublet or how much your rent can be increased or if it can be deregulated? NYC Rent Guidelines Board will answer these and just about any other question you  have regarding your status as a renter.
Want to know your rights and obligations as a tenant or owner of a loft? NYC Loft Board tells you everything you need to know.
Believe you may be a victim of illegal discrimination in buying or subleasing? NYC Commission on Human Rights explains the process from intake interview to complaint to final disposition.You may also seek help through the NYS Division of Human Rights.
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