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Get the Legal Lowdown

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Want to read the decisions that shape the ever changing landscape of High Rise Society? New York Official Reports allows free online access to all state court cases published from 1990 through the present.
Haven’t had your fill? New York Law Journal, the newspaper of record for the legal set, publishes many condo, co-op, and housing-related decisions not elsewhere available, which can be accessed online for an annual subscription fee.
Willing to pay a lot or a little for greater legal access? Westlaw and LexisNexis are subscription-based online services used by attorneys to access state and federal cases and statutes. Westlaw by CreditCard allows you to retrieve and charge individual documents.
What about a trip to the library? Academic LexisNexis, an abbreviated version of the fee-based service, is available online without cost at many libraries.
Want to know what bills are pending at the state level that could affect you as an apartment owner or renter? NYS Senate Open Legislation and NYS Assembly Bill Search will tell you.
Have a desire to keep current on city-wide legislation that could affect your residential life? NY City Council Legislation is the place to go.
Want instant access to the laws that govern co-ops and condos? Find them at Laws of New York.
Want to keep abreast of legal developments in High Rise Society? NY Real Estate Law Reporter, a monthly online subscription-based service, will keep you current on everything happening in the co-op, condo, and rental arena.
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