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NEW – Legal Apps

In the first instance, the  laws  that you  — and your dog or cat or goldfish — must live by are those set out in your building’s documents.  But those exist against a hodgepodge of real world laws that generally take precedence over any on the home front.   And just when you need them the most, they’re hardest to find because they’re spread out all over the place, sometimes where you’d least expect to find them.  No more going on a legal wild goose chase.  These legal apps will let you focus on the problem at hand by putting the relevant laws at your fingertips.  Over time, they’ll cover every aspect of High Rise Society living from noise to nuisance, elections to removal, roommates to renovations — and more.  But some of the laws relating to dogs (and other pets and non-pets) were just amended so that’s where we’ll start.

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