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Happy Hanukkah

high-heel-menorahA week of guilt-free fried latkes and chocolate gelt.  What could be better?  And on top of that, as a kid I’d get to light one candle on the menorah every night and get a present for my efforts.  Sweets and swag.  The ultimate kid heaven

Now that I’m an adult, I’m not quite so self-indulgent in my celebration because I want to fit into my pants.  But I continue to vicariously enjoy the simpler pleasures of the holiday, which is why I was sorry to see that battles are still being waged in High Rise Society over the  right of tribesmen to display a menorah in the lobby.

In what you could call an excess of PC-ness, the board at one Brooklyn Heights co-op said that only non-denominational ornaments and holly would be allowed.  Bah Humbug!

 Besides being mean spirited, the decision seems downright out of touch. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ruled long ago that a menorah is secular – sort of – so the City of Pittsburgh could display an eighteen foot tall symbol of light that had been donated. Then a few years ago, the Court essentially reaffirmed that view, when it struck down the City of Cincinnati’s ban again the display of a menorah.

led menorahSo where does that leave residents of High Rise Society? Can you have a menorah in the lobby or not.  The answer is: It depends.  It’s probably OK if the board bans all religious-themed displays – No Christmas, No Hanukkah, No Kwanzaa – Only Scrooge. At least that’s the general word from those judges in Florida, where the menorah wars have been fought most intensely.

The problem usually arises when the tree goes up, as it does in most buildings.  Can a menorah join in the festivities as of right?  The answer is a pretty clear, “Yes” — one of the rare and happy  occasions where the law and common sense coincide.

So let there be light!

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One Response to “Happy Hanukkah”

  1. fredo says:

    I really enjoyed your Hanukah story. It sound like you came from a wonderful family. Please use more anecdotes from your life.

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