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Christmas Past – And Present

XmasTree_2004 035

XmasTree_2004 059Here is the tree I created for our building’s lobby several years back.  I must have been out of my mind. Not to have looked to Gustav Klimt and his shimmering canvases for inspiration, especially the spectacular portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer.  But to think I could spin gold out of dross even before the precious metal hit twelve hundred dollars an ounce.

Actually, I used plastic pieces I dug up in one of those odd lot supply places on Canal Street, then covered them (and my fingers) with fake gold and bronze and silver leaf.  For three dimensional shapes, I found balsa wood columns meant for making architectural models, and cut them into cubes and sheathed them in sheets of hammered metal that I hunted down in a greasy automotive shop – what they were intended for I haven’t a clue.

XmasTree_2004 071For added texture, I wound plain old rope into discs and applied so many cans of metallic spray paint I’m sure the guy in the store thought I was using the stuff to get high, not to turn hemp into gold. And to finish it all off, I bought mounds of faux gems – emeralds and rubies and sapphires – that I piled on with abandon.

By the time I was finished my fingers were blistered from glue gun mishaps, and bloodied from cutting metal and sawing wood – not tasks to which I take naturally. No doubt there are easier ways to trim a tree, but I wanted to do Gustav proud. With Christmas Present upon us, why not share a photo of your building’s special tree with all of us so that we can be inspired and XmasTree_2004 007delighted anew.

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One Response to “Christmas Past – And Present”

  1. Holiday Queen says:

    The tree looks gorgeous. Is that really a green and gold Middle Eastern shoe hung on a branch? Anyway — I think you should come down and decorate ours. There’s not a lot of time left — we’ll be waiting for you!

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