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How To Outsmart Your Enemies – Part Two: Suck Up And Destroy

smileThis is another time-tested technique for dealing with enemies, though you have to be a snake to pull it off so it’s not a method I’d condone. Instead of avoiding your adversary you confront him head on – with a smile so effervescent he thinks you’re inviting him to a glass of Dom Perignon only you really want to kill him – come on folks, not literally. None of this is worth trading pin stripes for an orange jumpsuit.           

Here’s how it works.  First step is the suck up. Ingratiate yourself with your enemy. If you’re really good at it, you may actually convince him that the rift has been healed, and he’s friend, not foe. Better still, ingratiate yourself with as many people as possible so that whenever they talk with you they feel like they are luxuriating in a warm bath. This can involve spending half the day schmoozing with your neighbors something that most of us can’t do, which is why in High Rise Society politics, time can be a more valuable commodity than all those millions our Mayor used to take down his enemy.

iStock_000006600996XSmallOnce you have primed as many people as possible, start a whispering campaign, you know, like that Swift Boat thing.  It worked great to bring down Kerry and it works even better on the home front where the message can be delivered directly, not filtered through the press. It doesn’t matter what you say. The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it:  It’s an amazing phenomenon. He jumped the species barrier, he’s really a space alien, use your imagination. It’s how you say it that counts.

Don’t get worked up or break a sweat. Passion makes people nervous. Paint on a friendly smile so your neighbors don’t realize they’re being indoctrinated into a cult of disinformation. After you’ve converted enough residents, they’ll do your dirty work and take down your enemy for you.     

And if, by chance, you are the target, now you’ll know how to recognize the snake in the grass. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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One Response to “How To Outsmart Your Enemies – Part Two: Suck Up And Destroy”

  1. Diane says:

    Oh, I know a lady who does this to perfection. She’s waged this type of campaign to get rid of a property management firm and a couple of presidents….

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