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Top Ten Ways To Know You’ve Arrived

WelcomeHigh Rise Society is a kind of alternate universe with its own culture and code of conduct, even criteria for admission and departure.  It is as much a state of mind as a place to live. So whether you reside in a co-op or condo or remain a diehard renter you can call it home as I have for nearly two decades, happily existing side by side my fellow tribesmen — at least most of the time.

How do you know you’ve arrived?

  • People savvy enough on the outside to have made the bundle it takes to buy an apartment on the inside, morph into restive tribes once they have crossed the threshold
  • A dead tree can cause more consternation than a dead body because people come and go, freeing up apartments for sale, but the demise of a green, leafy Gingko creates an open wound in the stark streetscape that can take years to heal.
  • You may have to watch out for Perkomaniacs who want to join the power elite more to satisfy their self interests than serve yours.
  • Alliances among fellow tribesmen are ever shifting, formed and broken faster than on Survivor – and no one can be trusted.
  • The luxury building you call home is really a high-priced kennel where dogs rule, and being without one is a social and political liability.
  • You may not make friends, but you will cultivate enemies.
  • A day without a pile of postcards stuffed in your mailbox from real estate agents promising to sell your apartment at top dollar is a day without sunshine.
  • The bulletin board is the communications hub, and what’s put up or taken down can foster Constitutional crises over Free Speech.
  • Truth is a relative concept in a hothouse environment where gossip flourishes like weeds and has been honed to razor sharp sport.
  • No one knows your name, nor do they want to know what’s going on until calamity laps at their doorstep.
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