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More Legal Apps – Laws For Everyday Life

More Legal Apps - Laws For Everyday Life ou want your friend to move in with you, but are worried about what the board might do. Or you want to plant a satellite dish like a flag on your terrace.. Or you’ve snuck in a dog in violation of the rules and now don’t know what to do or what your rights are. Both co-ops and condos have lots of rules and laws that govern the conduct of your everyday affairs. But there are also real world laws that take precedence and provide you with additional protections. Just click at right on Legal Apps to read them. Read more »
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SAGE IN THE CITY: Should I Return My Neighbor’s Underpants?

SAGE IN THE CITY: Should I Return My Neighbor's Underpants? Living in High Rise Society can pose ethical dilemmas from the sublime to the ridiculous. Now there's someone to available to help solve all you co-op and condo conundrums. Ask the Sage in the City. Read more »
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May Day

May Day Street Fair Season kicked off in style this weekend with the annual Grace Church May Festival. It's a prelude to fairs to come that will take over the sidewalks in front of your building --for better or worse. So get ready, Read more »
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Total Recall

Total Recall Removing elected officials before their time, isn’t easy. Remember that California gubernatorial election back in 2003. Gray Davis was the first governor recalled in that state’s history, and only the second in U.S. history. It’s probably harder to get rid of directors in High Rise Society, where in most buildings, you need anywhere from 25-50% of your fellow owners to sign onto a petition just to call a special meeting for removal. Read more »
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Guess Who?

Guess Who? I thought I'd give the podium today to Joseph Alexiou, who wrote a piece for The New York Observer, called The Co-op Evangelist, about guess who. Read more »