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Coming And Going

Coming And Going I get calls all the time from apartment owners complaining that the sponsor is still in control – 10, 20, even 30 years after the building has been converted. How can this happen? Lots of ways. But the real question is what's worse -- a sponsor that won't go or one that won't come? Read more »
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The Invisible Man – Or Woman

The Invisible Man - Or Woman There’s nothing you can do if the sponsor doesn’t obey the rules because it’s exempt from most of them. (See: Having It All.) But what if its representative doesn’t come to board meetings? Is there any recourse? Read more »
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So You Wanna Be A Super Chief

So You Wanna Be A Super Chief In the real world everyone wants to be a celebrity, even if only for 15 minutes, so they can get special treatment and make a mint by posing nude for Playboy or Playgiirl. It’s no different in High Rise Society, where regular folks aspire to become Super Chiefs, a status that requires keeping your clothes on, but entitles you to sell or sublet your apartment without getting board approval or paying any fees or flip taxes. What am I talking about? Read more »
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Having It All

Having It All So what can the Super Jefe (a.k.a. the sponsor) do that you can’t? Everything, or at least anything that really matters in High Rise Society. Whoever said life was fair. Read more »
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In Control

In Control I get calls all the time from people saying their building has been co-op for 10 – 20 – even 30 – THIRTY YEARS – and the sponsor is still in control. How is that possible, they ask incredulously. Here’s how. Read more »