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Should I Give Eddie Another Chance?

Should I Give Eddie Another Chance? A Tribeca co-op owner asks the Sage in the City what to do when she sees Eddie, the building mutt that all the kids love, take a bite out of a toddler. Should she tell the board or call 311 or just keep her mouth shut? Read more »
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How Bad Does Your Dog Have To Be?

How Bad Does Your Dog Have To Be? You know, if you’ve been reading, how bad you or your board has to be before anything can be done. But what about your dog? It’s a question that hit me between the eyes this past weekend as I observed a normally placid Bull Dog that lives in my building practically lunge at a five-year old who accidentally impeded its path to a turned on Dachshund. Here's the answer. Read more »
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Rats Never Rest

Rats Never Rest Seems they’re more in demand than ever -- not the hairy creatures with sharp teeth and long tails that scurry under the subway tracks – especially the Lexington Avenue Line, but the inflatable cartoon-like characters used by Local 79 to alert the public to non-union construction work going on at sites throughout the City. I wanted to know how residents of High Rise Society would react to have having a giant rubber rat parked outside their building. Read more »
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How About A Goldfish?

How About A Goldfish?

“I don’t know what to do,” my friend moaned into the phone. ”The apartment is perfect, high ceilings, great view, even a terrace – but no dogs.”

I knew she wasn’t the type to sneak in a pug puppy, which is what she wanted to get, because she’s too honest. So are there any legal options?

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Bees Are In, Pot Bellied Pigs Are Out

Bees Are In, Pot Bellied Pigs Are Out If you’re clever, you may be able to sneak a dog into High Rise Society. (See, Just Visiting.) But no matter what the board or the bylaws say, you can’t have a fox or a hyena or a komodo dragon. Nor a lion or a tiger or a mongoose. But now you'll be able to have a say on what animsls should be pets -- and which are too wild to live in your apartment. Read more »