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Check Your Brain At The Door

Check Your Brain At The Door That’s the latest requirement for being on the board in some buildings. I wouldn’t have believed it, but for the fact that’s essentially what my friend was told to do at the last board meeting at her Upper East Side co-op. Here's what I mean. Read more »
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Whose Lawyer Is It Anyway?

Whose Lawyer Is It Anyway? Who’s your building’s lawyer? Bet you don’t know. Maybe that’s because no one bothered to tell you. Like big time corporations, most buildings in High Rise Society have their own general counsel, but lots of times those in power don’t tell the people they represent who it is for fear they’ll pick up the phone and call whenever they have a beef. Although the lawyer should represent your collective interests, that doesn’t mean she’s there to answer your individual gripes. So what are your rights? Read more »