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Want To Become A CIA Operative?

Want To Become A CIA Operative? The best way is to observe the political process in your very own building. Here are some of the latest techniques used by candidates in buildings round the city this past election season, that are sure to prepare you for a counter-intelligence career. Make no mistake, I’m reporting on, not recommending any of them. Read more »
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Don’t Hire That Management Company

Don't Hire That Management Company At least not till you ask the right questions. Now that new boards all over the City are taking office, one of the first things many do is fire the old management company and hire a new one. Does this clean sweep it make sense? Not necessarily. But like elected officials from President on down, lots of members want their own loyalists. What should they -- and you -- look for? Read more »
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Fakeout I knew it. It’s less than a year since video surveillance cameras were installed in the vestibule of my building, and already they’re causing trouble. Instead of being used to catch bad guys, they’re igniting brushfires. Whereas before everyday skirmishes would die a natural death out of sight out of mind, now that every move is being recorded, nothing slips off the radar. But there's an exhibit in town that can teach us a lesson -- and save us from ourselves. Read more »
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Beware False Informants

Beware False Informants Living in High Rise Society can be scary. You never know who can turn you in, for what, and whether or not it’s true. Read more »
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The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer No I’m not talking about one of those high-priced pros hired to pen a best-selling bio of some non-writing celebrity. But for all you know, there could be a ghost writer in your midst, anonymously churning out your building’s history. I know, I was one. Read more »