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Is Your Neighbor Out On Bail?

Is Your Neighbor Out On Bail? Maybe you read about that Big Time marijuana ring that was busted a few weeks ago. After an 18 month investigation, the cops moved in under cover of darkness and arrested rap mogul Kareem "Biggs" Burke, who helped launch Jay-Z's career, and 42 other alleged Bad Guys. Only most of them didn’t stay behind bars long, but posted bail, in some cases as high as $500,000, and then went home to await trial. HOME! -- that could be right next door to you. Is there anything you can do about it? Read more »
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The Nudist Next Door

The Nudist Next Door What if the person isn’t a sex offender, but someone who likes to have sex with himself or walk around in the nude in his apartment in full view of his next door neighbor? Is there anything you can do about it -- assuming you want to? Read more »
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Sex Offender Status

Sex Offender Status Last month Senator Schumer proposed legislation designed to protect those of us who live in apartment buildings from sex offender supers by requiring them to disclose their status to residents and obtain written consent to possess a key. The proposal, which would potentially make boards, landlords and managing companies liable if such consent wasn’t obtained, doesn’t seem to have gained traction. But it got me thinking: What if a sex offender lives next door? Is there anything you can do? Read more »
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Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor No matter if you’re a God-fearing churchgoer or a sun-worshipping pagan on this day you’d do well to honor the commandment if you’re a member of High Rise Society. But how do you suddenly embrace the very people you’ve been avoiding all year? Read more »
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The Elevator Ride

The Elevator Ride Brute force is not the way to settle disputes in High Rise Society or anywhere else – except maybe on the battlefields of Afghanistan. But sometimes residents allow their emotions to get the better of them, something you will not do having been coached in the pacifist path to dispute resolution. (See: How To Outsmart Your Enemies, 1/7-8 /10.) So I offer this as a cautionary tale to remind you of the consequences that could ensue should the urge to attack befall you. Read more »