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It’s Getting Scary Out There

It's Getting Scary Out There Maybe I should take the latest complaints I’m getting about living conditions in stride – only these are from inmates, not apartment owners. Dissatisfied residents of co-ops and condos contact me all the time. Usually their anger is directed against board members, which I figure is natural given the power they wield over the rank and file on the home front, and sometimes seek to extend beyond the bounds of the building. But convicted criminals? Read more »
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Decision By Email

Decision By Email Email is a fact of life, but it’s not without its perils as you likely know firsthand. What you may not know are the special risks that attach to your board’s reliance on this form of communication. The reality is that in most buildings email is not only the non-lethal weapon of choice, among board members, but also the means by which they communicate their decisions. It’s convenient but is it legal? Read more »
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The Rant

The Rant The rant is rap High Rise Society style. It doesn’t necessarily have the same rhythmic beat of the real thing. In fact it’s more likely to be put down on paper than set to music because most people in High Rise Society don’t have rhythm. But they do get angry, and the rant is their way of blowing off steam the way this guy is having his say. Read more »
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Deliver De Letter

Deliver De Letter What’s the best way to communicate with your fellow tribesmen? Say there’s a hotly contested election on the horizon, or a debate over grandfathering dogs or amending the building’s constitution, or something else that’s on your mind. How do you get your message out without turning tribesmen against you? Read more »