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The Key To Anti-Terrorism

The Key To Anti-Terrorism There’s a new weapon in the arsenal against terrorists – at least that’s what one shareholder at a posh Upper East Side co-op thought.

“I need a key,” Ms. X demanded of the Board.

“A key?”

“Not for my apartment. I have a fichet lock and key and plenty of spares. No, I want a key to the fire stairwell.”

That's how the fireworks started.

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It’s A Two-Way Street

It's A Two-Way Street Rank and file owners also have to do the right thing for the building in the coming year. Here are a few suggestions of resolutions for them to make. Read more »
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Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises Happy New Year to you and your building. Here are a few resolutions board members can make to better serve their flock. Read more »
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Conflicted People in co-ops and condos always complain about conflicts -- so long as they belong to someone else. But board members often don't see their own even if they should be as clear as the nose on their face. Here's fair warning that they should, if not for their sake, then for yours. Read more »
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Taking Aim

Taking Aim “I think someone’s pointing a scope at me,” a near hysterical voice screamed into the phone that I recognized as that of my friend who lives in a co-op on the Upper West Side. “I mean I know I have enemies, but I didn’t think any of them would try to do me in.” It's the latest hazard of apartment living that you need to know about -- laser pointers. Read more »