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Archive for December, 2010

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The Tuna Fish Sandwich

The Tuna Fish Sandwich And you thought a tuna fish sandwich was just something to eat. Obviously you haven’t lived in a co-op. Catering your building’s Christmas (excuse me, holiday) party would challenge even Martha Stewart because you must appeal not only to residents’ palates, but also their politics. I’m glad the planning ordeal is over and I can eat and greet at our party next week. Read more »
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Recount Election season has come and gone at buildings across the City, and most everyone has accepted the results even if they don’t like them, resigned to waiting till next time to unseat those in power. It’s expensive and time consuming to mount a legal challenge, which is why most challengers lick lick their wounds and move on. Not three defeated insurgents at West Village Houses, who recently fired the first legal salvo, seeking to overturn the results of the election just past on the grounds that the process was tainted in multiple ways. Read more »