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Archive for November, 2010

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Conflicted People in co-ops and condos always complain about conflicts -- so long as they belong to someone else. But board members often don't see their own even if they should be as clear as the nose on their face. Here's fair warning that they should, if not for their sake, then for yours. Read more »
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Is Your Neighbor Out On Bail?

Is Your Neighbor Out On Bail? Maybe you read about that Big Time marijuana ring that was busted a few weeks ago. After an 18 month investigation, the cops moved in under cover of darkness and arrested rap mogul Kareem "Biggs" Burke, who helped launch Jay-Z's career, and 42 other alleged Bad Guys. Only most of them didn’t stay behind bars long, but posted bail, in some cases as high as $500,000, and then went home to await trial. HOME! -- that could be right next door to you. Is there anything you can do about it? Read more »
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Decision By Email

Decision By Email Email is a fact of life, but it’s not without its perils as you likely know firsthand. What you may not know are the special risks that attach to your board’s reliance on this form of communication. The reality is that in most buildings email is not only the non-lethal weapon of choice, among board members, but also the means by which they communicate their decisions. It’s convenient but is it legal? Read more »
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When Is A Chair More Than A Chair?

When Is A Chair More Than A Chair? You know what they say about cigars. But maybe you didn’t know that a chair can be more than something to sit on, that is, unless you live in a high rise, where everyone knows that chairs are as much a symbol of power as a place to park yourself. Here's what I mean. Read more »
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Taking Aim

Taking Aim “I think someone’s pointing a scope at me,” a near hysterical voice screamed into the phone that I recognized as that of my friend who lives in a co-op on the Upper West Side. “I mean I know I have enemies, but I didn’t think any of them would try to do me in.” It's the latest hazard of apartment living that you need to know about -- laser pointers. Read more »