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Archive for July, 2010

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There’s A Fatwa Against Me

There's A Fatwa Against Me

“Now I know what it feels like to be Salman Rushdie, Ms. X said to me.

She’d never read Satanic Verses, hadn’t written any novel of her own, had never said anything bad, even questionable, about The Prophet, so what was she talking about?

“There’s a fatwa against me,” she responded to my puzzled look.

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Coming And Going

Coming And Going I get calls all the time from apartment owners complaining that the sponsor is still in control – 10, 20, even 30 years after the building has been converted. How can this happen? Lots of ways. But the real question is what's worse -- a sponsor that won't go or one that won't come? Read more »
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Check Your Brain At The Door

Check Your Brain At The Door That’s the latest requirement for being on the board in some buildings. I wouldn’t have believed it, but for the fact that’s essentially what my friend was told to do at the last board meeting at her Upper East Side co-op. Here's what I mean. Read more »
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We’re Having A Heat Wave – And A Mice Invasion

We're Having A Heat Wave - And A Mice Invasion

“Need a glue trap?” the doorman asked as I came home one night this week, not exactly the welcome I expected.

“No thanks,” I said, aware that several residents in the building were having a problem, and glad that my apartment wasn’t infested, but worried that it would be. I checked with friends and found out their buildings also were being invaded, which made me even more nervous – and determined to get to the cause before the mice got to my apartment.

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I’m Mad As Hell

I'm Mad As Hell And I’m not gonna take it anymore. Seems that’s what lots of apartment owners are saying – and doing –not just taking self help steps at home (see, Self Help Justice), but going to court on their own to right perceived wrongs committed by the board or a pesky neighbor. That’s why we’ll be taking a look from time to time at complaints that drive owners to the brink. Often it’s the little stuff that rankles, the proverbial last straw after a series of protracted disagreements. Read more »