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Archive for June, 2010

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Splitsville – Don’t Forget The Condo

Splitsville - Don't Forget The Condo Hard to believe, but that’s apparently what happened to a couple who got divorced, as we found out from a decision handed down by the Appellate Division just last week. They got a judgment ending their marriage – splitting up themselves and their assets – but without bothering to say anything about the Upper West Side condo they owned. So what happened to it? Read more »
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President – In Name Or Reality?

President - In Name Or Reality? People in my building always ask: when are they having elections for president. They don’t get it, after all this time. They think it’s like the real world where the voice of the populace is what counts – sorry, I almost forgot about that electoral college. In most buildings it doesn’t work that way. Owners get to vote for directors, and then the directors pick the officers in secret. But just because someone's been designated president doesn't mean he really is. Read more »
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Won’t Let Us In? – You’re Out

Won't Let Us In? - You're Out It’s the latest battleground in the ever-expanding war against objectionable conduct by shareholders. In a decision just handed down, a couple in a Jackson Heights co-op was made to pay the ultimate sacrifice (residentially speaking) for their refusal to repair violations in their apartment or to allow the building access to do so or even to install a new intercom system for everyone. What does it all mean? Read more »
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The Morning After – II

The Morning After - II OK, now it’s the morning after the morning after. You’ve come up with another twenty reasons to call it quits. Here are five more ways to keep your sanity and survive, even thrive, on the job. Read more »
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The Morning After

The Morning After It’s the morning after. What have I gotten myself into, you’re asking. No, you weren’t out on an all night binge. You got elected to your building’s board, the whole episode but a dim recollection. Now you’re having second thoughts – third, and more -- about the wisdom of what you did. Before you throw in the towel, consider these ten ways to make it work – for you and the building. Read more »