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Archive for March, 2010

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The Nudist Next Door

The Nudist Next Door What if the person isn’t a sex offender, but someone who likes to have sex with himself or walk around in the nude in his apartment in full view of his next door neighbor? Is there anything you can do about it -- assuming you want to? Read more »
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Sex Offender Status

Sex Offender Status Last month Senator Schumer proposed legislation designed to protect those of us who live in apartment buildings from sex offender supers by requiring them to disclose their status to residents and obtain written consent to possess a key. The proposal, which would potentially make boards, landlords and managing companies liable if such consent wasn’t obtained, doesn’t seem to have gained traction. But it got me thinking: What if a sex offender lives next door? Is there anything you can do? Read more »
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Why Is This Strike Different From Any Other – Or Is It?

Why Is This Strike Different From Any Other - Or Is It? Depends on who you talk to. Ask the folks at the Realty Advisory Board and they’ll say things are different this time because buildings are being squeezed on all sides by rising costs and declining values. Talk to the people at the Union, 32BJ SEIU, and they’ll say it’s pretty much bargaining as usual. So what's the real deal? Read more »
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Beware False Informants

Beware False Informants Living in High Rise Society can be scary. You never know who can turn you in, for what, and whether or not it’s true. Read more »
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To Key Or Not To Key

To Key Or Not To Key OK, probably you saw that recent article in The New York Times: The No Lock People, about apartment dwellers who think they live in the burbs and leave their doors open. I’ve thought about it, and decided maybe the real question is: Are you a Key Person, because whether or not you lock your door if you leave your key someone can unlock it when you’re not there. Read more »