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Archive for February, 2010

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Legal Roundup

Legal Roundup A few decisions just came out that you should know about. One taught a condo board that its power isn't unlimited. Another showed the sponsor the door. And a third meant the end of the residential road for a shareholder. Read more »
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To Catch A Thief

To Catch A Thief “Could the board have foreseen that your apartment would be robbed,” that’s what it comes down to,” I told my friend, the lawyer, who was in a state of disbelief. She had just come back from a week in the Bahamas and was feeling mellow till she opened the door of her pricey condo only to find her jewelry stolen and evidence that the intruders had slept in her bed. Read more »
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In The Red

In The Red

“I can’t believe it,” I knew this wasn’t going to be good news. “Our Treasurer just told us that the building has been operating in the red for more than three years. Don’t shareholders have a right to know?”

Sure shareholders have a right to know, but --

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One To A Customer

One To A Customer This is New York, not Kabul. You only get to vote once. I’m sure none of my neighbors would think of pulling the lever twice on any real voting machine, but that doesn’t stop some of them from making up their own rules when it comes to elections at home. Read more »
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Stay Safe In There

Stay Safe In There With the State’s law newly in effect requiring carbon monoxide detectors in most homes and apartments, now’s the time to get one if you don’t have one – or have demolished it like I did. You might as well use it as a opportunity to see what else you can do to stay out of harm's way. Read more »