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Archive for December, 2009

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Let’s Move Forward

Let's Move Forward That’s what boards sometimes say when they screwed up and don’t want anyone to know what they did so they won’t look bad or worse get sued. Maybe it’s not surprising. That’s what Obama said was the reason for not pursuing criminal charges against those waterboarding Bushies. But, hey, he had the excuse that mucking with the past could destroy the future morale of the troops or foreign relations, not a claim any co-op or condo board could make with a straight face. What should they -- or you -- do? Read more »
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What is your New Year’s resolution for your building?

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Thick Skin

Thick Skin Living in High Rise Society requires thick skin. Not the kind of calluses my mother had on the soles of her feet. Those were a function of age, not environment. But you’d better learn to let the insults roll off your back, especially if you aspire to become a member of the ruling class, otherwise you could find yourself in real trouble. Why? Read more »
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Zip Their Lip

Zip Their Lip Are your secrets being kept secret? That’s all I could think when my friend asked me to write a letter. I knew from the request that he had finally found an apartment, though I couldn’t imagine why he needed a recommendation from me given that two billionaires already had vouched for him. To compensate for my relative pauperdom, I drafted a missive so glowing that the board could have read it in the dark. Twenty five pounds of paper later, he was accepted. But the episode got me rethinking the whole admissions affair. Read more »
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Secret Agent

Secret Agent It’s a good idea to have a housekeeper if you live in High Rise Society. Most tribesmen do. I don’t I wash my own laundry, throw out the trash, even dust on rare occasion, a pursuit that gives me a sense of satisfaction as I see the haze on my furniture disappear like magic with a swipe of a cloth, and almost makes me appreciate why someone would take up cleaning as a vocation. But there's another reason. Read more »