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To Disclose Or Not To Disclose

To Disclose Or Not To Disclose That is the question. I’m talking bedbugs, not Shakespeare. As you may know, last August in an effort to ameliorate the anxiety of New Yorkers confronted by bedbug epidemics in their buildings, a law was passed requiring disclosure of bedbug infestation history. Does that mean before you plunk down that wad of cash you have to be told whether the co-op or condo you’re buying into has been invaded? Read more »
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The Key To Anti-Terrorism

The Key To Anti-Terrorism There’s a new weapon in the arsenal against terrorists – at least that’s what one shareholder at a posh Upper East Side co-op thought.

“I need a key,” Ms. X demanded of the Board.

“A key?”

“Not for my apartment. I have a fichet lock and key and plenty of spares. No, I want a key to the fire stairwell.”

That's how the fireworks started.

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It’s Getting Scary Out There

It's Getting Scary Out There Maybe I should take the latest complaints I’m getting about living conditions in stride – only these are from inmates, not apartment owners. Dissatisfied residents of co-ops and condos contact me all the time. Usually their anger is directed against board members, which I figure is natural given the power they wield over the rank and file on the home front, and sometimes seek to extend beyond the bounds of the building. But convicted criminals? Read more »
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Who’s The Boss?

Who's The Boss? You are, if you’re on the board of your building. Yes, I’ve taken to task over weaning board members who drink too deeply from the draught of power. But just as problematic are those at the other extreme, who don’t drink deeply enough, and allow their management company to usurp their role. Read more »
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It’s A Two-Way Street

It's A Two-Way Street Rank and file owners also have to do the right thing for the building in the coming year. Here are a few suggestions of resolutions for them to make. Read more »